About Us

About Us

Hafiz impex is a brainchild of Hafiz Paper Mart, a country wide leader in Pakistan’s paper trading industry. Hafiz impex takes the step forward in establishing paper trading, supply chain and marketing services in global arena.
Hafiz Paper Mart, a family owned business with over 4 decades of experience, has an illustrious history of delivering top value to its customers. Headquartered in Lahore, Pakistan, the company currently has 2 main up to minute warehouses strategically setup in locations with maximum potential. With our well-connected communication systems, we have positioned ourselves in key domestic markets covering all major cities across Pakistan. Our domestic business operations run through the main office where a purpose built international trading department has recently been initiated to capture the rapidly growing demand for international paper. For information on our offerings, please look at “Products” section.


As part of the company's customer-first approach, Hafiz impex aims to:
* Partner with customers
* Understand customer needs
* Add professional expertise and value
* Deliver innovative solutions with high quality and low cost
We believe in providing services with the goal of establishing a long-term relationship. This is not only restricted towards our customers and suppliers, but also to the entire business chain.


The paper and board industry has seen continuous evolution in its demand/supply trends. From geo-political to technological advancements, every passing decade has brought with it challenges never seen before. These challenges demand an impeccably efficient and dynamic system that is able to adapt to customer and client needs.


Hafiz group has a recognized history of being an all-weather player in the paper industry. The key to this has been our strong business networks and well-organized communication systems with clients as well as suppliers. We take pride in serving as a family operated company which has successfully welcomed the second generation into its operations. Now with the guidance and direction from the founder and the fresh efforts by millennials, the company is growing by leap and bounds. More than just being providers of supreme quality packaging and newsprint, we leap forward to take personal interest in enhancing our client’s profitability. Our strong market research, easy ordering options, prompt delivery services and credit facility has earned us a competitive edge and a strong market holding. We believe in a minimum margin and maximum sales. On behalf of Hafiz Impex, I extend my gratitude for visiting our website. I look forward to doing business with you.
Best Wishes,
Hafiz M. Hafeez
President (Hafiz Impex)




Kraft Linerboard (Virgin and Recycled) | White top Kraft Linerboard | Test liner I, II, III | Medium-Fluting

Tissue Paper

Napkin grade | Toilet grade | Towel grade


Extensible type Kraft Paper for Industrial applications | Standard Multiwall and Flat Kraft for Grocery & Converting applications | Recycled Bag Kraft Paper | MG Kraft Papers


Coated Solid Bleached Sulphate Board (SBS) | Poly Coated SBS Board | Coated Folding Box Board (GC-1, GC-2) | Coated Duplex Board Grey Back (GD) | Clay Coated News Back and Kraft Back Board (CCNB – CCKB)


Newsprint / Uncoated Ground wood | Bulky Newsprint | Directory Paper | Super Calendared Paper (SC A & SC B) | Light Weight Coated Paper (LWC) | Uncoated Woodfree Paper and Board | Coated Woodfree Art Paper and Card | Coated Label Paper


Bleached Northern & Southern Softwood Kraft Pulp (NSBK – SBSK) | Bleached Northern & Southern Hardwood Kraft Pulp (NBHK – SBHK) | Bleached Eucalyptus Kraft Pulp | Bleached Chemi-Thermo Mechanical Pulp (BCTMP) | Unbleached Kraft Pulp


Absorbent / Non-absorbent Kraft | Colored Cover and Text | Manila File Folder | Kraft File Folder | Butter Papers


At Hafiz Group, we have dedicated human resource which pays keen attention through each business process. We believe in purchasing quality products at minimum pricing, alongside we honor our suppliers with commitment to payments on schedule. At sales end, we excel market by offering lower prices or providing extra sales services. In event of any issues with products, our after-sales service team is vigilant in dealing all issues.

The basis of our retail business lays upon 2 up strategically located modern warehouses covering a total of 40,000 square feet and our third warehouse is underway which will add a whole 45,000 square feet to our storage facility. The latest warehouse is being planned with vision of adding up more imported paper and board products to our portfolio. These facilities ensure handsome buffer stock in case market shortage appears.

Our 40 years of business journey is based on collaboration with several mills and business houses which led to development of large contact base. These relationships found a reliable, astound and committed partner in our form. We are growing and we welcome each new business opportunity and every additional business partner.



  • ✓ A huge customer base all over Pakistan
  • ✓ Ability to buy in container-size bulk
  • ✓ Regular and long-term buyer
  • ✓ Strong financial base
  • ✓ Dedicated and professional salesforce
  • ✓ Renowned business associations
  • ✓ Wide variety of products (local plus imported)



  • ✓ Credit facility
  • ✓ Strategic location, easy transport facilities
  • ✓ Competitive price offerings
  • ✓ Robust supply chain network
  • ✓ Strong network of suppliers
  • ✓ All products are lab tested, tests available on request
  • ✓ Direct import from North & South American & European market





Plot 3 Yasin Road, Malipura, Street 1, Lahore, Pakistan



72 Ravi Road Lahore, Pakistan